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Turning strategy into results requires a solid strategy execution process and leadership. As a civil engineer and INSEAD MBA involved for many years in strategic, operational and organizational change, I came to recognize that people are the most important element for success and performance.
SC² Consultants is therefore concentrating its attention and efforts to align people and organizations for increased efficiency and performance by translating their strategy into tangible results, with a proven return on investment on organizations' largest cost, their human resources.

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Do you want to implement and execute a new strategy or a new strategic focus? Are you struggling with the alignment of your strategy throughout your organisation? Are you looking for successful ways to enhance strategic awareness throughout the organisation?

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Transformation management

Is your company on the verge of a drastic change? Does your operational model or strategy no longer restrain the increasing number of competitors entering your business? Do your strategic change programs miss their strategic objectives, like most companies? Do you want more control over your project and program management outcomes? Do your strategic programs always run out of time and budget?

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Do your managers lack the skills needed to translate the organization's strategy at their level? Can they motivate and engage their teams into understanding and buying into the organization's strategy? Are they aware of their role in understanding their people's talents and developing them?

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The art of communication is the language of leadership.

James Humes