Strategy Execution

Do you want to implement and execute a new strategy or a new strategic focus? Are you struggling with the alignment of your strategy throughout your organisation? Are you looking for successful ways to enhance strategic awareness throughout the organisation? As a result of the increasingly complex and volatile business environment, the focus on performance is now everywhere, all the time. Companies, all over the world, are constantly working on improving their performance in various areas: increasing shareholder value and budgets, improving customer service, improving internal processes, connecting the supply chain, … As a manager, you are the first who faces the challenge of how to cope most effectively with this pressure and how to direct the organization towards continuous performance improvement. SC² Consultants helps your organization to develop and implement an integrated strategy execution process.

Our view on Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution is worldwide perceived as a strategic process. Strategy Execution requires commitment at every level in the organization and focuses on organizational structures, procedures and tools, as well as on the individual skills and competencies that are required to efficiently translate business strategy into results.
More and more companies realize that turning strategy into results is a people business. After all, people have to implement the strategy. People make change happen. In order to implement these changes, employees need to understand the company strategy and goals. Therefore, the company’s communication lines have to be clear and short. Once employees know where you are going, why  you are going there and, to a lesser extent, how you are going there, the basis for continuous improvement is far more robust.

The added value of Strategy Execution

The most important added value of a mature Strategy Execution process is organizational and individual alignment throughout the organization. Alignment of the strategy development and execution phases with the performance management steps and the budgeting process is a first differentiating factor. Integrated Strategy Execution guarantees furthermore that the corporate strategy is well-understood, also on departmental level; the best way to make sure that the departmental strategy contributes to the corporate goals and objectives. Last but not least, there is the continuous focus on the managers and the employees. An integrated Strategy Execution process with motivated employees and empowered managers, who take ownership of the process, will maximize the company’s chances to effectively turn strategy into results.