Transformation Management

Business Transformation

Is your company on the verge of a drastic change? Does your operational model or strategy no longer restrain the increasing number of competitors entering your business?
Do your strategic change programs miss their strategic objectives, like most companies? Do you want more control over your project and program management outcomes? Do your strategic programs always run out of time and budget?

As a manager, you need to act fast in a more and more globalizing world. SC² Consultants helps your organization to overcome the hurdles of changing environments. Our approach, techniques, models and years of experience support your management to turn the change into a success.

A transformation can only be successful if management is committed to and highly involved in the change. When this is the case, SC² Consultants facilitates the change project and assists your management in the execution.

Transformation management is the logical next step of Strategy Execution. While the strategy execution process is being rolled out, successful implementation requires mastering two aspects: Change Management and Program Management.

Our views on Change Management

Successful change management requires balancing the Content (strategy), Context (processes), Communication, Competences and Culture. These five change enablers (5Cs) are indispensable. Organizations or departments tend to focus on one or two of these elements, for example only on content. But correct communication on the progression of the transformation or a revision of the required competences can be equally important. After an analysis of your situation, our consultants and your managers determine the correct mix of actions on each of the 5Cs. Together we set the right structure and take action, from the creation of a common vision to the culture change that comes along.

The added value of a 5C transformation

The most important added value of integrating the 5Cs in your transformation project, is its shared attention for the business and people aspects. Eventually your employees will have to change too.

Furthermore, the 5Cs provide both structure and flexibility to your situation. The flexibility lies within the effort you put into each C. An organization with a clear vision, efficient processes and a proven operating model, has little to undertake on content level so they can focus on creating the right change context, communication, competences and culture.

The result of a 5C transformation is change where employees feel involved and committed enabling you to start with a clear mission and vision, a motivated team with the required skills and a culture and processes that support your operating model.

Our view on Program Management

We help you realize your strategic objectives by supporting a flawless set-up and implementation of your strategic change programs. i.e. We maximize the output of your strategy execution program.
Through the set-up of a PMO we offer the following services:

  • Strategic Portfolio Management: translate strategy into programs/ projects, maintain the existing portfolio and assure the allocation of the necessary resources
  • Program Management: managing a portfolio of projects in an integrated manner, aligned with the company strategy and within resource boundaries. Set up a system of KPIs to measure the program’s success.
  • People Management: organize and staff your programs, build a large program platform (everybody’s support and involvement is needed)

Customized approach

Your needs help us decide the right approach. We can support you in several ways pending on your budget and availability of resources. However, our approach is always based on the following principles:

  • Co-management: the strategic change program(s) are co-managed with the client. We guide, facilitate and coach management, program and project leaders and teams.
  • Management commitment: a transformation can only be successful if management is committed to and highly involved in the change programs and projects.
  • Balance hard and soft aspects: people management is crucial to turn your projects and programs into a success. Communication, competence and culture are key success factors.

The added value of an integrated Business Transformation

  • A dramatic increase in the realization of your strategic change objectives
  • A boost in employee engagement
  • A companywide consistent approach using a uniform terminology and language
  • An organization and employees aligned to the same strategic goals

Tips & Tricks

  • A “SMART” prioritization/planning of your program? Most change programs fail before they kick-off!
  • Maximize involvement of managers and employees
Link strategic change objectives with your program management scorecard and individual objectives
  • Don’t over-complicate your program management methodology